Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fwd: A GOOD 1 The new shipment of Wal-Martians has arr...


Subj: A GOOD 1 The new shipment of Wal-Martians has arrived...



Momma told me it was sexy to show a little cleavage!

The 1980s glasses, the giant pearls, the fake eyebrows and the Three Stooges haircut; it works for me.

What? Jr. was hungry and I didn't want to lose my place in line!

I'm not sure a zebra purse is going out with style

Pick a fold, any fold.

Lateesha done got her a new weave and damn it she's looking so good you can play checkers on it!

After shopping Bertha is going to the movies - she has already picked her seat.

Look at my slippers like that again and I'll KEEL YOU!

What? Hookers gotta shop too.

Ever wondered what happened to Bozo the Clown? Wonder no more.

To all you kids out there with tats and piercings; this is you in 40 years!


Pink looks good on Bill. Especially with the black skirt! Wait, is that a bra?

Please tell me Aunt Harriet is sleep walking again.

Ummm, NO!

I think we just found Nemo. Must have been a miss-match sale at Goodwill.

Excuse me, sir, your bikini top is untied.

Jim's wife had no clue where her thong had disappeared to.

Connie found her favorite shorts from the second grade and discovered they still fit -- almost.

Are those earmuffs?? and a whistle?? Someone would mug him...why?

Back boobs? Push up butt underwear?

Leg boobs?

Truer words have never been written on the back of a giant wheel chair.

You can't say Carl doesn't enjoy him some Turkey Day.

Please, put down the candy!

Okay, which one is fake, the beard or the boobs.

I think I am getting seasick!

Bass akwards?

I hope that giant box contains a giant pair of panties or some duct tape.

After that bucket of fried chicken Lulu just had to take a quick nap.

Dude, that comb over is not fooling anyone!

Please tell me she has on a thong, please!

Make up your mind, fox or shark.

To hell with getting dressed today, I'm just going to throw on a dew rag and call it good.

Retired plumber?

Is that a, a, Oh, My, Gawd.

You'd a never guessed there was room in there for a cell phone.

Clean up in the shoe aisle -- STAT!!!

And the winner of the mullet contest is...

You might want to stay away from the Pepsi ma'am, I hear it is bad for your tooth.

I tot I taw a putty tat!! I did, I did.