Monday, April 2, 2012

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Easter begins like any other holiday -
full of fun, expectations, and play!
A time we set aside for friends and family
to gather together lovingly.

A Holiday of eggs and chocolate galore -
Yet it's a time that means so much more!
It begins sad with a day called Good Friday.
Christ gave his life so our sins were paid.

A Holiday with our Lord dying on a cross -
seems more like reason to rejoice Not.
But it's followed by the time He spent in the grave
Then God brought Him life and He was raised!

A Holiday that celebrates our beloved Lord -
Resurrected to Heaven, Christ soared!
From Eternal death and destruction we've been freed
Gives us reason for much joy indeed!

Now we can all sing and dance and loudly proclaim
By the Grace of God and in Christ's Name
We truly Thank You God for your son Jesus Christ
He has risen and given us life!

Poem By Elrhea Bigham