Thursday, June 14, 2012



Wow, check this out,
Isn't it amazing that nobody thought before that the statues had a body.
The Statues of Easter Island do have a body

The discovery was published a few weeks ago on the Internet: the Statues of Easter Islands have a body!
They were only known as big heads, now we know they hide many secrets, more than half have been underground now we see bodies and hands.
It was discovered by the couple Routledge and another group that prefers to be anonymous they found one statue with lots of written
The Island discovered in the In the Pacific is volcanic by the Dutch navigator Jakob Roggeveen, on Easter Sunday 1722. And it became Chilean in 1888.
There are still lots of mysteries in Easter Island, the writings are sure to be a cause of many debates
Scientist say that the population of around 4000 disappeared , what happened to these giants made of stone?
People think there was a tsunami that finished the civilization. Tourists didn't know that under their feet there was a hidden treasure.
The statues don't seem to have been buried, but that a giant flux of dirt must have buried them , it seems that civilization disappeared all at once.
It makes me think of the Myth of Atlantis. How many legends could be re discovered?