Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fwd: Richard's Coffee Shop- Mooresville, NC " A Vet Thing"...


Thought you would like to see this…

I don't know all the people who made it happen, there were many.
I do know all who showed up for the dedication were blessed.

Mooresville, NC. Small town USA at it's best.

Let's go inside for a few moments.

How does "smoke" get in your eyes when no one is smoking?

Many vets have been to that wall and cried with their hand in that same position.

You don't have to drive thousands of miles to say thank you and

get a glimpse of what our Veterans have done for us.

These guys didn't receive these decorations for "showing up".

And who's dream was this?

Mr. Robert Warren

Chopper Pilot in Nam .

Died three years ago from complications of Agent Orange.

He made it his mission to "Welcome all Veterans"

First "Welcome" some from Vietnam had ever received.

They came today to honor this man and his dream.

(I don't have to list names because I'm not a real reporter)

Just a thankful citizen. And I am thankful.

They remember. (how could they ever forget)

This was a very special day for them and us.

The memories can be painful.

All of their rides tell a story. (look at the tag)

Some paid a higher price than others.

We can learn a lot from these men.

Like, respect for our Flag and National Anthem.

But more than that. A love for God and Country that can't be hidden.

It shines through in their lives and their service to others.

That example was not lost on the Mooresville HS ROTC Color Guard.

The passing of the Guard.

I don't know these guys, but I owe them, and I love them.

Lots of "smoke in the room".

Thank you Veterans.

Small town USA . . . . I think not.

On a side note . . .

Some of you have aged a lot more gracefully than others . . .

Oh, and my favorite ride . . .




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