Thursday, November 14, 2013

& GN TO U -----oooooooooooooooooooooooooooFw: Big Buck Story Verified



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.My faith in Internet stories has been restored.


Finally, some honesty in big buck hunting stories...


Here's a picture of the new world record whitetail. It was taken by the cousin of a co-worker's sister's, Uncle's best friend's, son-in-law's, niece's Hairdresser's, neighbor's ex-boyfriend's, oldest Nephew.  Reportedly, it will score 2603-1/8 by the B&C standard and was shot in West Texas on a really windy day, 85 degrees downhill around a curve at 900 yards with a .22 mag.  Supposedly, this deer had killed a Brahma bull, two Land Rovers and six Jehovah's Witnesses in the last two weeks alone.  They said it was winning a fight with Bigfoot when it was shot.  It had also been confirmed that the buck had been seen drinking discharge water from a Nuclear power plant. This has been checked on Snopes who have confirmed it.  Honest !!!










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