Monday, January 13, 2014

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I'b Gob a Code

"I'b sick," I pout ad blow my doze.
"I'b misseeg all by favorite shows.
I hab to stay id bed, you see.
My mob wode led me watch T.B. 

She breegs me chicked soup ad says
that I should try to get sub rest. 
Bud I'b too bored ad icky feeleeg
tired of stareeg ad the ceileeg,
achy, cougheeg, stuffed up too.
Bud thaks for askeeg. How are you?"

author unknown

All you get when you catch a cold
Is orange juice, jello, chicken soup
Why do I have to starve myself
Because I have the croup!

Don't come near, stay away from me
Cause you might get it too
No kisses, hugs or handshakes
Better listen now.....ahh-chooo!

Send me some flowers if you will
And some lemony herbal tea
I'm all alone and stuck in bed
So kindly think of me. 

Stay away from doctors
Cause they only know one thing
Drop your pants, bend over
Ouch! That sure did sting!