Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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And when the things which besiege France, is understood, is recognized, is translated into O'Bama's view of our immediate future, will it be a lesson learned, or simply our bobble headed sheep, sliding down the same "cow-chip strewn" path to our economic destruction.  
The accomplished French, the wealthy French, the "hope for the future" French are packing their bags, thus eroding what is left of the tenuous (collapsing) tax base.  Remember that "tipping point" we've seen coming, where the takers and users, out number the contributors and creators?  Well, it is on our door step.
Where will OUR people go, when they can no longer stand "O'banations" to our future?

 Man, oh, man, please listen hard to this!! This is where the head fool is taking us!!!

Subject: French economics.